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Twona X-RAY, The Artwork and Design Graphic Comparison Platform

The quality control you need put simply

About X-RAY

The quality control you need put simply

One intuitive software for all of your comparison needs - designed by your fellow industry professionals.

To the bottom

Twona X-RAY was developed as part of the larger Artwork Management System Twona to help customers in Pharma, Food, Retail and Consumer Goods perform detailed QA checks on their packaging and marketing materials. It has been used on hundreds of thousands of artworks by customers all over the world, and has now been packaged as a stand alone product to help you too.

Why does it matter?

  • 1

    The average cost of a single international label change is $350,000.

  • 2

    Around 11% of recalls are due to mislabelling.

  • 3

    Product recalls account for one of the top five most damaging influences on a brands reputation.

Uniquely X-RAY

  • Ease and accessibility

    Ease and accessibility

    Fewer buttons, lower cost, less stress -- this is what X-RAY is all about. We believe that comparing content should be easy for everyone. That’s why X-RAY is designed for you to use immediately without any complicated training, and priced at a fraction of the cost of competition.

  • One-of-a-kind technology

    One-of-a-kind technology

    We are proud of our engineers and what they do to make X-RAY stand out. You won’t find our alignment feature anywhere else on the market. This exclusive technology makes it possible for you to compare photos without distortion and aligns images automatically, meaning higher accuracy and less work for you.

  • Development and communication

    Development and communication

    As an actively developing tool, we are always excited to share updates about what new things X-RAY can do. We believe that by staying ahead of the curve developmentally we can continue to guarantee your user experience is as seamless as possible and keep X-RAY at the top of the line.

How are we doing?

To make sure we keep developing what’s important to you,
we eagerly welcome your feedback and questions.

About Us

The X-RAY team consists of an agile and international network with a passion for perfecting the artwork management process. Composed of professionals with a diverse background in Pharma, Food & Beverage, Design, and Engineering, the X-RAY team has a blend of experience in the field and technical know-how which assures that X-RAY connects directly to the needs of those who need it most. Get to know some of the team below or connect with us directly on our Linked In page.

  • Isaac Esteban

    Isaac Esteban

    CEO With a heart made of Science and Engineering, Isaac leads a team of international professionals located across Europe embracing technology as the means to improve (and disrupt) traditional industries.

  • Jacqui Walker

    Jacqui Walker

    Customer Success Manager With a strong background in the Food Industry, Jacqui walks hand-in-hand with our customers on their exciting journey to digitalising their artwork processes. Her main concern: make YOU succeed.

  • Zuriñe García

    Zuriñe García

    Marketing Zuriñe has vast international experience in B2B marketing, and helps Twona support the full customer journey, from enquiry to on-boarding and customer success. She coordinates that our online and offline presence stay in synch, that customers are informed and updated in a timely manner

  • Hannah Biggam

    Hannah Biggam

    Growth Hacking Hannah’s people-centred experience and formal training spanning three continents guides her to the big picture from a humanistic point of view. She is propelled by discovering pain points and answering the “why” behind it all.

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